Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A good place to shoot! UPDATE!!

So since I am rather new to the area, I have settled on several places that I have feel are rather cool places to set a shoot.  Problem is, this is such beautiful country here in NWA, so I decide to share with you some my favorite places to shoot. -  [AND BY ALL MEANS FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOURS].

I started out at Crystal Bridges  and after they finished the final touches, I then moved from there. The only issues at the time was that they charged a fee to shoot on the grounds.   To my knowledge they no longer charge a fee, just as long at it does not interfere with the other site-seers. 

After that I did several shoots at Lake Atlanta, and then moved on to Beaver Lake.  So, if you were in the mood for a shoot where would you choose your desired location? Or, if by chance you would like to share, please do! Now that we are coming upon warmer weather, I'm kinda itchin' for some suggestions.  So far I have Crystal Bridges, Beaver Lake, and Lake Atlanta.  I am well aware that there are many out-doorsy people in this state so ya'll must be hiding the good places!

SO, after I shared this on  Facebook  several people chimed in with other suggestions that I will definitely have to try: 

Hobbs State Park Conservation Area

20201 Hwy 12, Rogers, AR 72756

(479) 789-5000


Mount Magazine State Park

      Elevation: 2,753' (839 m)
      Prominence: 2,133' (650 m)


      Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel Home



        Devil's Den State Park is a 2,500-acre Arkansas state park in Washington County, near West Fork, Arkansas in the United States.

        Address: 1133 Arkansas 170, Winslow, AR 72959


        War Eagle Mill: Home

        11045 War Eagle Rd, Rogers, AR 72756
        (479) 789-5343

          War Eagle Mill is a working gristmill in Benton County, Arkansas. A mill has been located on the site as 
          early as 1832, but was destroyed three times, and last rebuilt in 1973.

          Sunday, February 9, 2014

          I can't just jump in!?

          I would think that at some point every has seen some kind of meme floating around the internet that goes something like this:

          What my friends thinks that I do...
          What my Mom thinks I do...
          What society thinks I do... etc. 

          They is a very great deal of truth to this depending on what type of profession that you are in. Some people make it look really easy, when in fact it is farther from the truth that you would think.  People do this because it is something that they have a great deal of interest it, or it is something that are are rather passionate about. 

          A great deal of people spend their life on the edge of a cliff because they are afraid to make the leap into something that they really want to do. Truth be told - If you are passionate enough about something , and you devote a great deal of energy and resources to it, you will eventually turn a profit.  (Hence the phrase, I have a degree in underwater basket-weaving.)

          So for the past several months I have been watching, learning, and listening to what might make me a better photographer.  There is an incredible amount of resources out the available to teach you , guide you, and inform you of the pitfalls.  Having said that, I am going to be one of those people that decided to go ahead and make the jump, and see where it it takes me. 

          So the truth to this is YES, you really can jump in! 

          - A classmate took this of me abut 5 years ago,  so I think I am pretty comfortable in saying that I have come quite a ways already. 

          Thursday, January 30, 2014

          DeWitt Famiily | 2014

          Another great pleasure of shooting the DeWitt Family last weekend. With the new addition to the family of five, the weather was teetering on perfect...Just a little chilly.  

          Monday, January 6, 2014

          Twitter Chat!

          Twitter is now full of chat about the BCS Championship game and not too much about photography!  Just looking for something that catches my eye in between plays.  I'm still good with my goal of reading one informative photography article a day. 

          Thursday, January 2, 2014

          What makes you itch?

          This video has described everything that I have ever wanted to do. There is a great deal of truth to this as well, because I can relate!  There are so many factors that keep people from achieving what they want to.  Everything from, fear of being criticized, to not enough money, to the fear of failure. What would happen if we were to dive in, and do whatever it was that made us happy?  I have always thought that if anyone wanted to be a underwater basket-weaver after mastery they would turn a fee, and possibly change the world.  Besides, how many under-water basket weavers do you know?  
          - Take a short 3 minutes out of your day and watch this!

          Wednesday, January 1, 2014

          New Year 2014


                In all honesty I gave up on New Year's resolutions several years ago.  Not because I was never able to achieve any of them, but because I was never able to follow through with any of them.   Of course, there is there ever popular weight loss goal (I say that as I am sitting here drinking Green Tea, and chomping down on peanut clusters) the goal to make more time for yourself, love more, or just to be a better person.  Maybe at some point it was the intervention a life that kept me from proceeding with resolutions, or maybe it was that I was younger and that I knew that I had plenty of time to change myself.
               When I attempted to do the weight loss, I DID! I lost the weight, made an attempt to eat more healthier and it really worked. My downfall was that I was not able to maintain the resolution, and I found myself starting from scratch the following year. I think that the older we get, we gain a greater sense of responsibility, maturity, and appreciation for those and the things around us. (AND HUMOR>>>DONT FORGET HUMOR - EVERYONE NEEDS A GOOD LAUGH!)
               So this year I decided to called it a more of a achievement than a resolution. So I started rather small and this is what I came up with. (I decided to steer clear of the more common ones)

          -     I want to work more on my trade.  So I have made it a daily goal to read at least one photography related article every day, and try to teach myself something new. If I learn something, I fully intend to share.

          -    My next one is too read more, and by that I mean books.  I have a small collection of books that I want to read, but some of them have never even been open.

          -  My next one is to dive head-first into the photo industry.  Starting your own business came be a little terrifying, but there is plenty of resources available and I intend to use every one of them.

          -  Lastly, I do have a few more in the works, but I will keep them to myself until the time is right.  Until then I will focus on maintaining the goals that I have already accomplished - and just broaden my horizons a little more.


          P.S. - keep an eye out for a update, as I will keep you posted on my progress.


          Saturday, December 14, 2013

          Then comes the snow...and ice!

          I have really has cabin fever lately, so I shot some of the nasty weather that we have been having over the past few days.  I found a little tutorial on How to Make Snow in Photoshop, so I decide to try it.  This is what I came up with. Pretty nifty if I say so myself.  I would prefer to do something like this rather than to stand out in the freezing cold to try and get this effect. I actually tinkered with this so many times that I think that I have it down now. Of course, there are several different ways to achieve this look, but I decided to go with the more subtle look. If you wanted you can spend a little more time and go for a full blown blizzard. Or you can always use the  simple brush  from Brusheezy. Either way, It kept me busy during this crazy weather!